What’s for dinner: Spinach stuffed chicken

I found this recipe for Healthified Stuffed Chicken Parmesan and modified it for our dinner. By modified, I mean made it a little quicker and easier for me based on stuff I already had in my fridge and my fancy schmancy cooking skills.

First I thawed 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts overnight in the fridge. I then sliced them lengthwise so they would fold open like a hotdog bun.

I opened a box of some frozen spinach and cooked it in the microwave. Fancy, I know. While the spinach was warming, I grated some mozzarella cheese and scooped a couple spoonfuls of cream cheese onto a plate.

Not just any plate, but my super fancy paper plates!

I whipped an egg in a bowl big enough to dip the chicken, made a mix of about 75% bread crumbs and 25% grated Parmesan in another bowl, and put both aside.

Now we mix the spinach, cream cheese, shredded mozzarella, and garlic powder (love it) up for the filling. I think onions, sautéed or chopped, would be great in this but I was feeling lazy and didn’t do it. You take the filling and just plop it in the opened chicken breasts, all fancy like, then fold the chicken back together like a big Subway sandwich.

You take that handful and try to keep it together while you dip it in the egg and then put it in the breadcrumb mix and place it in the pan of your choice that has been sprayed with some PAM or something. I just used a regular baking pan lined with aluminum foil for easier clean up. I then baked the whole thing at 350°F for 30 minutes. I’m at sea level and actually used my toaster oven so use your best judgement on time and temp for your individual oven.

Or just check a million times like I do and if it burns, it’s just “blackened spinach stuffed chicken.” If you wanted to be fancy, you could sprinkle a little chili powder and paprika and call it “Cajun style.” Actually don’t do that, I don’t know how to cook. It’ll probably taste like junk.

I served the spinach stuffed chicken with some whole wheat penne pasta topped with spaghetti sauce and a little mozzarella cheese. Yum!

See, I even put it on a fancy plate for your viewing enjoyment!

I’d love to hear about any recipes that involve chicken, spinach, or cream cheese and are quick, or easy, or quick and easy, or any combination of the above.

Number of times I said “fancy,” 7 including this one.


One comment

  1. M · September 15, 2011

    It’s real yummy too. I hope that’s for dinner tonite.

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