Weekly photo challenge: Faces

Logo Blues Trail

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The Gator is out of town for work, off on adventures down the Blues Trail and here I am, home with Squeaker. *sigh* I know it’s work but he’s still out and about, traveling, and seeing new places. I used to travel for work when I was in P.R. (B.B. – before baby) and it was fun, crazy sometimes, but fun.

Some mornings I’d wake up and have no idea where I was and what I was supposed to do that day. Heart pounding, I’d search the room for a note pad with the hotel’s info on it or at least a phone book. One time after finding nothing, I had to call the front desk.

The conversation went something like this; Me: “um, where am I?” Them: Long pause where I imagine the person raising an eyebrow in judgement, “you’re at the Whatever Inn.” Me, loud exhalation, “ok,” pause, “but what city?” I swear the person was holding their breath trying not to laugh or something because I was hearing some weird choking noises.

Of course, even better than traveling for work is an actual vacation. It’s been a couple of years since we’ve gone on a real vacation, so we’re planning a short one in the late fall. Until then I’ll make due by reminiscing over the faces of vacations past. See how I did that?

These pictures are all faces found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and EPCOT parks. I’d love to pretend I’ve been to Africa and India but alas, I haven’t had the pleasure. Maybe when Squeaker’s older we can go on a photo safari …

What are your favorite vacation memories and daydreams?

Want more face time? Here for more photos submitted for the Weekly WordPress Challenge.



  1. Jo Bryant · September 19, 2011

    Hopefully you’ll get there one day. I loved Africa

  2. pix & kardz · September 19, 2011

    your images do indeed look like they are from exotic places.
    nice to pretend….

  3. Patti Kuche · September 20, 2011

    Africa and India came to you! Enjoy your fall vacation!

  4. Gator · September 21, 2011

    Vacation…..that would be nice. I don’t know if I even know how to vacat…is that right????

  5. frizztext · September 23, 2011

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