The Wiggles are hot! Except for the weird one …

Jeff Fatt of The Wiggles Live @ the MCI Center...

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I’ve been sleep deprived for 9 months. Well, actually more since the entire last half of my pregnancy I was waking up every hour or two. Normally it’s not too bad, except that now we lost PBS!

We don’t have cable to save money and honestly, with our antenna we get the main networks and with Hulu, pretty much everything else. Although I do wish I could get Bravo or embarrassingly enough, that Toddlers in Tiaras show.

Normally, Squeaker doesn’t watch tv except when I’m making our breakfast or lunch.  It’s impossible to cut things and hold a baby at the same time and I’m always paranoid about hot liquids jumping on her so into her bouncy she goes. That’s when I put on good ol’ PBS. Until it was gone … *sniff, sniff*

Now all I have that is baby appropriate is a dvd of the Wiggles. The first time I watched it, I thought ok, weird but not bad. The second and third times, I started to enjoy singing the silly songs. Now after like ten times I’m Then the 9 month growth spurt hit and I turned into a mombie (mom-zombie) which means I completely lost my mind. That has to be it, otherwise… *shudder*

I woke up with the wiggles’ songs in my head, fell asleep with the wiggles’ songs in my head, and *gasp* started dreaming about the wiggles.

I can barely even say this, but the wiggles started to even look attractive to me! Except for the weird one. You know who he is!

So now when the Gator puts the moves on me and reaches for the remote to turn off the Wiggles, I gently put my hand over his and whisper, “leave it on…


One comment

  1. M · October 8, 2011

    Ha! Jeff must be the weird one right?

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