This thing called life…

Image by Moriartys, CC-BY-2.0

Image via Flickr user Moriartys, CC-BY-2.0

I’m back, and I’m bigger and better than ever! Well, better I think and smaller for sure, but more on that later. I let life take over and my poor little blog-let fell to the wayside, but now I’m back and finally starting to sleep again which means my brain is starting to work too! (But still not so much with the complex math.)

Squeaker is now 4 1/2 years old (going on 15) and she has been joined by Monkey, who is almost 2 1/2 years old and pure toddler attitude. While definitely different in personalities, there was one strong similarity…neither knew the meaning of the word sleep. Squeaker started sleeping through the night, for 12+ hours like a rock star, at just past 2 years old; conveniently, in time for Monkey’s arrival. Monkey is still waiting on her 2 year molars, so until they come in I’ll still have very scattered and sporadic sleep but it is the most sleep that I’ve had in more than 4 years. Thus the slightly more functioning brain and better energy level. I’ve made it through the baby daze days and though I will miss them dearly, I am still happy to find me again.


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