About Me

Welcome to Basically Mama! I’m a mom with two wonderful little girls, Squeaker, Monkey, and a loving husband, The Gator.  In my former life, I worked in marketing and public relations and as much fun as that was, it’s nowhere near as challenging and rewarding as parenthood.

As an artsy, craftsy, not so organized, perfectionist, procrastinating mama and a Gemini to boot, my interests are both broad and diverse. So in a quest to define who I am, what I can do, and more importantly what I should do, I finally decided to start this blog.

We’ll be doing arts and crafts, activities for the kiddos, learning about time management, and trying to get organized while getting rid of clutter. Sounds easy, sure, but as a recovering pack rat, married to another pack rat, it’s going to be interesting. Except for the arts and crafts, those are just fun. I hope you’ll find these posts useful and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions as well!


  1. An Older Woman · October 6, 2011

    Welcome! I hope you enjoy WordPress as much as I do. It’s a great outlet for my wanting to share my crafts and ideas, and I’ve met some fantastic people here. I have WordPress friends in Canada, Australia, and all over America now. I think you’re going to love having a blog. Let me know if I can help you in any way. Best wishes. Patsye

    • Curiously Sara · October 6, 2011

      Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m loving WordPress and the creative outlet it gives me. Also, the adult contact since Squeaker isn’t much of a conversationalist yet… 🙂

  2. pix & kardz · December 5, 2011

    Hi there! Haven’t seen any new posts lately – although no pressure is intended at all. Just wanted to say a quick hello and hope that all is just busy but otherwise well in your corner.
    do take care – and have a wonderful day.
    with many greetings from my corner 🙂

    • Curiously Sara · August 7, 2015

      Hello again! I’m finally back from my “extended break.” 😉 I’m not so sleep deprived now, so I have time to post more regularly. I’ll stop by your corner to say hi!

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